07/2014 new product series

The following amide and polypropylene waxes are available from now on:

  • DEUREX A 20 P - EBS-wax (powder)
  • DEUREX A 20 K - EBS-wax (fine granules)
  • DEUREX A 26 P - Erucamide wax (powder)
  • DEUREX A 27 P - Oleamide wax (powder)
  • DEUREX A 28 P - Stearamide wax (powder)
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  • DEUREX P 36 - Non polar polypropylene wax with a very low viscosity
  • DEUREX P 37 - Non polar polypropylene wax with a very high viscosity
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06/2014 sugar cane waxes available as powders

Half a year after introducing our regrowing product line of sugar cane waxes we can announce to further broaden our portfolio. The raw sugar cane waxes DEUREX X 50 and DEUREX X 51 are now available as powders - DEUREX X 50 P and DEUREX X 51 P. Both products are of interest for users who would like to use natural raw materials but cannot process the slabs of DEUREX X 50 and X 51. The powder form eases handling enormously.

DEUREX X 50 P (technical data)

DEUREX X 51 P (technical data)
10/2013 introduction of natural sugar cane waxes

We are very proud to introduce our natural sugar cane waxes of the DEUREX X Series. After decades of international research and development, DEUREX is the first company worldwide presenting sugar cane waxes for industrial applications. These natural and renewable products are the perfect solution for the production of bio based and sustainable products.

These are the first available product series:

THE DEUREX X 50 SERIES – raw sugar cane waxes
  • DEUREX X 50 - the dark raw sugar cane wax
  • DEUREX X 51 - the light raw sugar cane wax
  • DEUREX X 51 G - the easily emulsifiable raw sugar cane wax as drip granules
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THE DEUREX X 80 SERIES – modified sugar cane waxes
  • DEUREX X 81 G - the sugar cane wax with a high acid number
  • DEUREX X 82 G - the highly crystalline and millable sugar cane wax
  • DEUREX X 83 G - the sugar cane wax with a reduced acid number
  • DEUREX X 84 G - the high melting and very stable sugar cane wax
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09/2013 high viscous wax DEUREX E 25

DEUREX E 25 is a non polar polyethylene wax and its major benefit is the very high viscosity of 2000 mPas on average. The chain structure of DEUREX E 25 is similar to that of our allround wax DEUREX E 11 K but with much longer C-chains. This makes it perfectly suitable for the plastics industry, Masterbatches (especially pigments that are difficult to disperse) as well as for high viscous rubber and cable fillers. DEUREX E 25 works as dispersing and release agent as well as a lubricant. Already a small amount of the wax is sufficient to increase the colour yield of Masterbatches.

DEUREX E 25 (technical data)
07/2013 dust free production with DEUREX E 11 G

From now on we offer a new variation of DEUREX E 11 K that we named DEUREX E 11 G. The product is an all-round wax for various industries such as plastics, masterbatch, cable, rubber and hotmelts. It works as dispersing and release agent as well as a lubricant. DEUREX E 11 G is delivered as granules with a diameter from 3 to 5 mm. This makes the product perfectly suitable for a dust free production as well as an accurate dosage via punched disc.

technical data

DEUREX E 11 K <------------------------------ Comparison ------------------------------> DEUREX E 11 G
03/2013 emulsifiable homopolymer PE wax: DEUREX E 10 K

Our product DEUREX E 10 K will improve the cost-performance-ratio of the emulsion production. Instead of adding an expensive oxidized Polyethylene wax, you can use our non-polar, homopolymer Polyethylene wax DEUREX E 10 K. The wax is mixable with all kinds of synthetic and natural waxes. Thus, you can easily add it to existing formulations in order to reduce costs. DEUREX E 10 K provides a tailor-made combination of short and long carbon chains. This results in high hydrophilic as well as excellent surface properties.

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07/2012 new packaging for DEUREX Pure

The new bucket contains 1 kg of DEUREX Pure. It is the perfect packaging if you would like to use DEUREX Pure several times. Perfect handling is ensured.

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02/2012 new packaging for Deurex Pure

We offer a brand new packaging for our all in one adsorbent DEUREX Pure: An adsorbent boom with a length of 3m.

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02/2012 new address

This is the new contact data:

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