DEUREX PURE - the oil and chemical adsorbent

DEUREX PURE - magic cotton against oil pollutions

Called as "magic cotton" by the media and winner of the European Inventor Award 2017 initiated by the European Patent office - this our oil and chemical adsorbent DEUREX PURE. The European Patent Office writes:

"Thanks to a chance discovery, the world has a new superweapon in the fight against oil and chemical spills. It is a synthetic wax engineered by Günter Hufschmid and his team at German company Deurex. It can adsorb close to seven times its own weight in hydrophobic liquids without taking on any water itself, making it an ideal tool for cleaning up spills and leaks wherever they occur – whether it's on the floor of a mechanic's garage or around an oil-drilling platform at sea."

More information about our "magic cotton" you will find at:


Polarjournal, "The black gold, permafrost and a piece of hope"