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The company

Founded in 1989, the family-owned company is now a leading supplier of synthetic and natural industrial waxes. As a backward-integrated company, we access our own synthetic wax raw materials and we use the first large-scale production plant for renewable sugarcane waxes.

One of the company's success factors is the greatest possible diversity in its product portfolio, both in terms of the chemistry and the delivery form of the waxes. From amide waxes to hybrid waxes and sugar cane waxes, our customers will find all the important wax raw materials in our range. The delivery forms also cover the entire spectrum: from quite coarse wax granules to fine, micronized waxes with narrow particle size distribution to the finest wax dispersions and wax emulsions in aqueous or oily form.

The industries to which we supply our waxes and other additives internationally are as diverse as our own portfolio. In printing inks, paints and coatings, paper, textiles and polishes, our waxes improve the respective surface properties. Hardness, feel, gloss, matting, weather resistance and other factors can be adjusted. In rubber, cable, PVC, the waxes act as lubricants and they increase the flexibility of the end products. In hot melts and in bitumen, physical parameters such as viscosity are adjusted.

Another important pillar is the permanent will to innovate. DEUREX has been a player in the wax sector at least since the invention of sprayed and round micronized waxes. This raised wax quality and thus surface properties to a new level, especially in the printing inks, paints and coatings industry. The evolutionary stage based on micronized waxes was and is our coated waxes. These allow the waxes to be coated with further additives such as silica or PTFE. The waxes now serve as vehicles for these substances. Previously separate purchasing and production steps are no longer necessary, the consumption of the coated additives can be massively reduced, and the distribution of the product in the formulation is much more homogeneous.

With our DEUREX PURE oil and chemical binder, which won the European Inventor Award from the European Patent Office in 2017, we are successfully diversifying our portfolio. The MASTERWAX® product family serves the absolute high-end range. This family combines product properties that can otherwise only be achieved by adding a wide variety of additives. The latest addition, MASTERWAX® 1.0, is a wax additive with a density of 1 g/cm³ and enables the production of emulsifier- and foam-free aqueous dispersions.

In keeping with the spirit of the times, we are devoting ourselves more and more extensively to renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials. This is demonstrated by our product portfolio, in which you will find natural sugarcane waxes and bio-based hybrid waxes with sugarcane wax and carnauba wax components. BIOMERE is our most innovative product family. We are establishing these as substitutes for polymers. The same product properties and at the same time biodegradable and compostable.