Information about waxes from DEUREX

What is a wax?

Waxes are substances defined by their mechanical-physical properties. Its chemical composition and origin are different. A substance is defined as a wax if it:

  • is kneadable at 20 °C,
  • is solid to brittle,
  • has a coarse to microcrystalline structure,
  • is translucent to opaque,
  • is not glassy,
  • melts above 40 °C without decomposing,
  • is slightly liquid (less viscous) just above the melting point,
  • has a strongly temperature-dependent consistency and solubility,
  • is polishable under slight pressure.


If more than one of the properties listed above are not fulfiled, the substance is not a wax as defined by the German Society for Fat Science (DGF standard method MI 1 (75)). Further information from our world of waxes can be found behind the info boxes below.

Biodegradable waxes

Avoid microplastics!


With BIOMERE, our certified biodegradable waxes.

Probably the hardest wax in the world

Learn more about our oxidized HDPE wax DEUREX EO 45. We call it the probably hardest wax in the world.

Wax forms of delivery
Water based wax emulsions

Discover water based wax emulsions. Made with biodegradable waxes, hybrid waxes and synthetic waxes.

Wax industries
Waxes for powder coatings

Waxes in powder coatings are used as processing agents as well as to optimize surface properties.

Oil and chemical adsorbents

DEUREX PURE is an ecological oil and chemical absorbent with very high adsorption ratio.

High performance wax additives

MASTERWAX - the all-in-one additive for coatings.