Probably the hardest wax in the world

The oxidized hardwax DEUREX EO 45

As micronized wax in various finenesses, as wax dispersion and wax emulsion, as wax granules and as wax powder: The oxidized hardwax DEUREX EO 45 is probably the hardest wax in the world. This makes the wax ideal as an additive for surface finishing. DEUREX EO 45 increases the block resistance and slip of surfaces. It protects end products by strengthening abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. It gives surfaces a beautiful gloss. Due to a high dropping point, the wax is very temperature stable. As a wax it is basically hydrophobic and thus water repellent. DEUREX EO 45 is suitable for the manufacture of products with indirect food contact (e.g. according to EU Regulation (EU) 10/2011).

As a final special feature, it should be emphasized that this hardwax is free of PTFE. In addition to ecological benefits associated with this, the raw material costs of the formulation are also reduced.

All waxes of the DEUREX EO 45 series

Probably the hardest wax in the world, in various delivery forms

Depending on the application and industry, other delivery forms of the wax are necessary. For this reason, you can obtain the oxidized hardwax DEUREX EO 45 in a product range that is as wide-ranging as possible. Starting with coarser wax granules, through finely micronized waxes to wax dispersions and wax emulsions, you will find the perfect delivery form for you.

Wax granules and wax powders are more commonly used in care products, textile applications, leather care, paper manufacturing and the production of hot melt adhesives. For the production of printing inks, powder coatings and liquid coatings, people tend to use the micronized waxes of the DEUREX 45 series. This varies, of course, due to a wide range of manufacturing options and individual customer requirements. The liquid variants of our oxidized hardwax - aqueous wax dispersions and aqueous wax emulsions - can be processed in almost all the industries mentioned.

We would like to particularly emphasize the various finenesses in which we can offer the micronized waxes of DEUREX EO 45. The finest hardwax is called DEUREX EO 4515 M and has a fineness < 15 µm. In several steps it goes over 20 µm, 30 µm and 45 µm up to DEUREX EO 4560 M with a fineness < 60 µm.

All waxes of the DEUREX EO 45 series

Probably the hardest wax in the world, for various applications

Just as diverse as the delivery forms are the application areas for what is probably the hardest wax in the world. DEUREX EO 45 is mainly used in the following industries:

  • Printing inks
  • Powder coatings
  • Liquid coatings
  • Care products
  • Textile industry
  • Leather care products
  • Production of paper
  • Hot melts


In printing inks, powder coatings and liquid coatings, the oxidized hardwax improves the slip properties and equally the block resistance. Surfaces are protected by increased scratch resistance and abrasion resistance. In addition, end products become more temperature resistant. DEUREX EO 45 is emulsifiable. Thus, it is also interesting as a raw material for the production of emulsions for the care products industry. Here, too, it convinces with effective surface protection (abrasion resistance and scratch resistance) as well as weathering resistance due to high temperature resistance and water-repellent properties.

All waxes of the DEUREX EO 45 series