Waxes for Sinter

The Sintering process

The sintering process is a method to compact powdery materials into solid, cohesive masses. The process is particularly important in metallurgy, ceramics production and powder metallurgy. Sintering enables the production of parts with high density and specific material properties.

  • Metal parts for the automotive industry
  • Ceramic components for the electronics industry
  • Even parts made from powdered plastics for 3D printing

Steps of the Sintering process

  1. Powder production: Production of fine powders from raw materials. These powders can be metals, ceramics, plastics or other materials.
  2. Mixing: Powders are thoroughly mixed to ensure an even distribution of particles and to achieve the desired material properties.
  3. Pressing: The powder mixture is pressed into a mold to obtain the desired shape. This is often done under high pressure to press the powder particles together and create a dense form.
  4. Sintering: The actual sintering process takes place in a furnace. The molded parts are heated to a certain temperature, which is below the melting point of the material. During sintering, the particles fuse at their points of contact, reducing porosity and increasing the strength and density of the material.
  5. Cooling: After sintering, the parts are cooled slowly to minimize stress and deformation.

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