10/2018Vegetable EBS wax

Besides our natural sugar cane waxes we can from now on offer a vegetable Ethylene-Bis-Stearamide wax based on stearic acid from the sugar cane plant.

DEUREX X 20 K (X = Sugar cane | 20 = EBS wax| K = fine granules)
DEUREX X 20 A (X = Sugar cane | 20 = EBS wax| A = air classified wax < 150 µm)

DEUREX X 20 offers the same properties as typical amide waxes and additional benefits:

  • It is a pure amide wax
  • It is made of vegetable sugar cane plant
  • The new product is much brighter than other amide waxes
  • Compared to other EBS waxes it does not smell
  • Low acid value (<5 mg KOH/g) increases UV resistance
  • technical data


DEUREX X 20 is very suitable for hot melts, plastics, printing inks, paints and coatings, synthetic rubbers and fibers. In these industries it is used as a lubricant as well as a dispersing and release agent. In the paper industry it works as a defoamer. Additionally, it can be used as ecological bitumen stabilizer due to its temperature stability.

Due to its plant origin DEUREX X 20 is a very interesting ecological alternative to already existing amide waxes.

DEUREX XWAX - sugar cane waxes