11/2017Degassing agents for powder coatings

No matter whether you are producing glossy, matt or textured powder coatings – in any case you want to avoid pinholes in your surface. These surface damages could arise as a result of gas and air inclusions which could not escape from the lacquer during processing. Benzoin lifts the gas bubbles out of the lacquer due to its large surface.

DEUREX B 66 A is benzoin-coated amide wax. This combination - benzoin plus amide wax – results in a 16 times larger surface compared to conventional benzoin. DEUREX B 66 A can dissipate gas bubbles much more efficiently. The result is an even more smooth surface. In addition, you could save costs due to the reduced dosage. Besides the benzoin-coated wax DEUREX B 66 A, we can also offerpure benzoin: DEUREX BENZOIN.

Both DEUREX B 66 A and DEUREX BENZOIN maintain the printability of your lacquer as well as the adhesion of labels on your powder coating.