05/2020Emulsifier free wax dispersions with Silica

Due to its high density Silica settles in water, while waxes float on the surface due to a lower density. Dispersing these substances in water is therefore difficult and not possible without additives like emulsifiers. With the novel MASTERWAX 1.0 this is now possible easily and without any further additives. MASTERWAX 1.0 already contains all relevant components such as waxes and Silica as a "complete package". The product is therefore extremely interesting for the production of paints and coatings as well as printing inks. In the respective end product the product convinces with the following properties: chemical resistance, matting, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and slip, surface hardness, structure.

Please find further information at the product detail page of MASTERWAX 1.0.


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On the left the typical behaviour of Silica and wax in water. Right the homogeneously distributed MASTERWAX 1.0 in water.