05/2021Dry oxidized and wet oxidized HDPE waxes

The HDPE (high density polyethylene) waxes of the DEUREX EO series are dry oxidized or wet oxidized. Wet oxidation of the waxes takes place by means of steam. This form of oxidation is more homogeneous, the oxidized waxes are lighter in color and the emulsions produced with these waxes are more transparent. Wet oxidized waxes of the DEUREX EO series bear the designation P and are supplied as powders. Dry oxidation takes place in the melt using atmospheric oxygen. This process has been proven for decades. Dry oxidized waxes of the DEUREX EO series have the designation K and are supplied as fine granules.

Depending on the acid number, the waxes are suitable for different industries. With increasing acid number, the C-chain length and thus the molar mass, viscosity and hardness are reduced. This leads to increasing hydrophilicity, the waxes become easier to emulsify. With increasing acid number, oxidized waxes are more frequently used for the production of emulsions (in the textile industry, paper industry, leather industry, coatings). Oxidized waxes with low acid value are applied mainly in PVC.

Oxidized waxes of DEUREX EO series

oxidized HDPE DEUREX EO 44