09/2023High-performance lubricants for Sinter

Waxes as high-performance lubricants for powder metallurgy. DEUREX waxes are characterized by excellent lubrication and ensure outstanding sliding and anti-blocking properties. This significantly improves the pressing and sintering process and enables easy removal of parts from the die, reducing part distortion. In addition, our waxes are characterized by improved flowability and fast flow time, which increases the efficiency of the process.

As our waxes are zinc-free and burn ash-free, the tendency for contamination and staining after sintering is reduced. They also act as a release agent in injection molding applications. Compared to a standard premix, our product provides up to 20% better lubrication.

Our high-performance lubricants are also suitable for hot compaction, which results in less tool wear. The pressability is improved, the ejection pressure is reduced and the green strength and stability of the finished products are increased.