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The complete product range from A to Z: Starting with Amide waxes, going to Polypropylene waxes further to natural Sugar Cane waxes. Polyethylene waxes, Fischer-Tropsch waxes and specialties like Hybrid waxes and MASTERWAX complete the product portfolio. Besides all kind of waxes, we are pleased to offer Silica, PTFE and Benzoin in our product range.

As a service for you, we also summarize our products in product families. This allows you to have a closer look at all waxes of one category at a glance: please find micronized waxes, wax dispersions, wax emulsions and coated waxes, oxidized Polyethylene waxes and oxidized Fischer-Tropsch waxes as well as emulsifiable waxes. Depending on the application, we also list biodegradable waxes and waxes with the approval for direct food contact. An overview of coated waxes offers a breakdown into Benzoin, Polyamide or Diamond coated waxes with ease. Please also find structuring agents and complexing agents in this area.

Besides the variety of different wax raw materials, we are pleased to offer different delivery forms as well. Starting with granules and powders up to finest powders and micronized products, you will also find the possibility to choose readymade liquid products in the form of a wax dispersion or a wax emulsion.

To provide an easy access to the world of waxes, we also summarized our products according to their properties with regard to the different industries. Whether for the refinement of surfaces in the fields of printing inks, powder coatings and liquid coatings or as a lubricant in the industries of PVC, Masterbatch, rubber and cable - you will find the right wax for all needs.