Micro-sized waxes

Our current portfolio.

Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch waxes

The new waxes of the DEUREX TO series.

All additives for powder coatings in one product

The MASTERWAX® Series.

Wax dispersions and Emulsions

Overview about our current portfolio of wax dispersions and wax emulsions.

Micro-sized PTFE and PTFE coated waxes

The DEUREX F series.

Micro-sized waxes

Our current portfolio.


Maximized flexibility with waxes from DEUREX

DEUREX is a leading supplier of synthetic and natural industrial waxes of all kinds. Highest flexibility in chemistries, industries and forms of delivery characterizes DEUREX.

The product portfolio starts with amide waxes over to polyethylene waxes to sugar cane waxes. Fischer-Tropsch waxes and polypropylene waxes can be offered as well. The product range of waxes is completed by hybrid waxes and coated waxes.

DEUREX provides a maximized flexibility in forms of delivery. The waxes are available in various particle sizes and also as liquid versions. There are granules, fine granules, powders, finest powders, micronized waxes, dispersions and emulsions. Wax dispersions and wax emulsions can be offered as water based, solvent based and oil based versions.

11/2019 - Amide waxes from DEUREX

The DEUREX A series.

07/2019 - Oxidized HDPE wax

Extended capacities for DEUREX EO 44 K.

06/2019 - Diamond coated waxes

The DEUREX D series - coated waxes of diamondlike hardness.