11/2021BIOMERE - Biodegradable waxes

“Around three quarters of all plastics that ends up in the environment are microplastics (in Germany 330,000 of 446,000 tons). The small particles spread quickly in the environment and have already arrived in the food chain ” (Source:

The EU has recognized this issue and has startet to ban the direct and avoidable addition of microplastics for specific industries. The goal of the EU is to save around 500,000 t over a period of 20 years through such bans. (Source:

DEUREX contributes greatly to avoid microplastics through the development of BIOMERE®:

BIOMERE® - biodegradable waxes

  • Avoid the formation of microplastics
  • Certified biodegradability
  • Up to 100% bio-based products
  • Same performance and properties as non-degradable polymers
  • Biodegradability tailored to the final product
  • Delivery forms tailored to applications


Please find our entire range of BIOMERE® in the product family BIOMERE - biodegradable waxes.

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